200,000 years of human communication

Toby Wilsher

Tuesday, January 15 2019 at 7:30PM

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Toby Wilsher

What's the talk about?

A horse can detect changes in your breathing and heart rate from 9 metres away. Your dog knows when you’re depressed. The CEO of Honda awarded a multi-million dollar advertising contract because “I just liked the guy!” 
How we communicate has evolved over millennia, but everything goes to pot when faced with a reluctant audience armed only with PowerPoint. 

Toby Wilsher is a theatre director and a pioneer of arts-based training for business, working globally with a host of clients looking to improve their communication skills. 

All are welcome — we look forward to an engaging and informative evening. Entry is £3.

Summary of event

Toby spoke to a packed audience and began his talk with a clip of a public speaker who failed miserably, so much so that he had to leave the stage.

He outlined six important factors required for good communication.

Toby drew on many entertaining stories to illustrate his points. He also made use of several props, including face masks (he teaches mime), a balloon and a box of chocolates.

As expected, halfway through the event, parliament voted against Theresa May's Brexit package by a majority of 230. Toby announced this in an entertaining way.

From that point onward, the Q&As focused on how politicians communicate.

The last question was "Can we all become good communicators.". Toby told us that simply being human means we are already brilliant communicators. His business is to show how to release the potential for good communication that we all naturally possess.

A great start to our relaunch of Chichester Skeptics.

Thank you Toby.