Ben Gunn

Tuesday, August 5 2014 at 7:30PM

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38 West Street
PO19 1RP

Tel: 01243 783185

Ben Gunn

What's the talk about?

 What’s prison for and what does it do, punishment, protection or preparation for life on the loose? Having spent almost all of his adult life behind bars, Ben uses his experience and intellect to bring us unique insights into the workings of the penal system.


The Times said of him, "one of Britain's best known prisoners...he constantly questions authority and exposes the futility of the system". Ben was finally released from prison after 32 years in August 2012 after pleading guilty to the murder of a friend when he was 14 years old. He renounced violence and fought for the recognition of the inherent dignity of all human beings. As a result he served far longer than the recommended 10 years, leading Education Secretary Michael Gove to argue that he had “…been punished excessively for a crime committed as a child".


One of the more intellectual of prisoner-campaigners, Ben chose to educate himself from a schoolboy level to having both undergraduate and post graduate degrees. He is currently one of very few prisoners in Britain ever to attempt a Doctorate. Ben's speciality is non-violent action and the Human Needs Theory. Now on Life Licence he is forging a career as a CJ policy consultant, writer and - as ever - campaigner.