... to a skeptical audience

Dr Mark Hardiman

Tuesday, March 19 2019 at 7:30PM

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Dr Mark Hardiman

What's the talk about?

Scientists predict unprecedented climatic changes over the next hundred years and a British landscape which will be significantly altered. Despite this many people remain skeptical of the underlying science and even of scientists themselves. In this talk Dr Mark Hardiman attempts to both bust common climate change myths and misunderstandings and consider how scientists may improve the public communication of future climate change.

Dr Mark Hardiman is a Physical Geographer who researches past environmental and climatic change, including specialisms in wildfire and volcanic histories. Although Mark's research is focused on the past he is very much interested in the unprecedented climatic changes likely to occur in the near future, and in particular how the British landscape which will be altered.

Summary of event

Dr Hardimann gave us an entertaining but serious talk about the latest climate change evidence and how it can be used to counter the typical claims of climate change deniers (Donald Trump was mentioned several times).

The pub was packed. There was a wide age range of people in the audience. After the break, they asked some really good questions, including:

How can the government convince people to change their lifestyle?

Why do some scientists think that climate change is not happening?

How reliable are climate change models?

In case you missed it, Dr Hardimann will be repeating his talk at other local skeptics venues. We'll  announce these in due course.

Please email Mark for a copy of his excellent PowerPoint slideshow.


PS Some members of Eco Meetup Chichester attended. Also one of the organisers of the national movement Extinction Rebellion, who are flocking to London on Saturday.