Rights and Wrongs in England 2019

Belinda Schwehr

Tuesday, February 19 2019 at 7:30PM

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38 West Street
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Belinda Schwehr

What's the talk about?

We are living in a period of ever tighter budgets and political paralysis about what the nation NEEDS TO DO if social care is to survive as part of our welfare safety net.

Belinda will consider people's right to services, bust some common myths about the rules as to who gets what, and provide some useful information for relatives.

Belinda Schwehr has practised as a lawyer and trainer for 20 years, specialising in adults’ social care law. She has now launched CASCAIDr,  a charity providing free legal advice about people's rights to services.

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Summary of event
Belinda Schwehr is passionate about fighting for our rights to receive adequate adult social care.
She discovered this area of law about 20 years ago and realised that social workers and other professionals were largely ignorant of their legal obligations to their clients. Belinda found her niche and has never looked back.
Working from 7am to 9pm, she advises members of the public on their rights and helps them access the social services they are entitled to.
She explained how the system is organised to minimise the amount spent on adult social care. Social workers are kept in the dark about the law surrounding social care provision and are controlled by managers who are under pressure to minimise expenditure.
So who is there to advise the public on their entitlements? To address this dilemma, Belinda has set up a national charity called CASCAIDr. This offers free advice to the public.
Belinda recently appeared on a File on 4 expose on housing people together who are suffering from autism, ostensibly to provide care in the community but also part of a cost-cutting exercise that reduces their autonomy.
She fights individual cases in the courts and publicises her successes online at www.cascaidr.org.uk, Facebook and Twitter.
Belinda is on a mission to make us aware of how adult social care is being run down to a point where it may end up being privatised, as in the USA. There appears to be a systemic effort to cover up the legal requirements of councils to provide the care we are all entitled to.
She explained the four criteria that guide adult social care provision:- it must be rational- it must be fair- it must be legal- it must respect human rights.
Belinda outlined some of the facts we shouls be aware of, including:- councils have a legal duty to provide adequate care and can afford it: the government underwrites council budgets: they cannot go bankrupt- everyone in need is entitled to money they can spend on care- there is no fixed limit to the care that a person is entitled to- people are entitled to formal care plans detailing the care they need- people can save £4 ph by using council social services instead of equivalent private ones.
More information can be found on the CASCAIDr website.Her excellent PowerPoint presentation and explanatory leaflet will be posted here soon.
Volunteers and donations are always needed to help this worthy charity grow. There are also employment opportunities.
Here is a link to her PowerPoint presentation:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JXVKb2g6ue-V6iX7oKtEpIUgYYW36q6a