Misconceptions about Astronomy

Alice Sheppard

Tuesday, May 21 2019 at 7:30PM

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Alice Sheppard

What's the talk about?

Alice Sheppard takes us on a whiplash tour of just a few of the misconceptions of astronomy she's encountered as an ambassador of the subject: 

• it’s a waste of money 
• it matters what we call Pluto 
• it can predict the future 
• it's a subject to which men are better suited.

Alice Sheppard is Community Manager at UCL Extreme Citizen Science, which investigates and supports public involvement in science. Alice does not consider herself academic but rather an example of what members of the public can achieve scientifically outside the academic environment. She is also the Citizen Science Officer at the Society for Popular Astronomy. Alice led the Galaxy Zoo forum from 2007-2013, with daily discussions of astronomy.

Entry £5 on the door.