An introduction to Cryogenics and Superconductivity

Dr Jess Spurrell

Tuesday, September 17 2019 at 7:30PM

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38 West Street
PO19 1RP

Tel: 01243 783185

Dr Jess Spurrell

What's the talk about?

When Dr Jess Spurrell says she works in cryogenics, the first thing people ask is, "Do you freeze dead people? Or aliens?"

At very low temperatures, all sorts of unusual things can happen. Electrical resistance can disappear, frogs and surfers can levitate, liquid can climb out of its container, biological processes can be slowed almost to a halt.

Dr Jess Spurrell is School-University Partnership Officer at the University of Southampton. She has a PhD in Cryogenic Engineering and Superconductivity. 

Jess is an ambassador for women in engineering and has given numerous talks and demonstrations. 

£5 entrance on the door.