Doctors of Delusion, Medical Mavericks and Healthcare Hucksters

Richard Rawlins

Tuesday, December 17 2019 at 7:30PM

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38 West Street
PO19 1RP

Tel: 01243 783185

Richard Rawlins

What's the talk about?

Homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, reiki, herbs, naturopathy all work. 

In this talk, Richard applies his experience as a surgeon with his intuition as a Member of the Magic Circle to a critical examination of complementary and alternative medicine - and skeptically advises how we all may avoid being defrauded, scammed, gulled and quacked.

Richard Rawlins MBA FRCS, ship's surgeon and NHS consultant taught anatomy at King's College. He now runs a medico-legal practice in Dartmouth.
As a member of The Magic Circle, he is familiar with the sleight of mind and other methods used to 
deceive and create entertaining illusions.
£5 entrance on the door.  Everyone welcome. This is a not-for-profit event.
Arrive early for a 7.30pm start.