The Science of Magic and Illusion

Dr Matt L.Tompkins

Tuesday, March 17 2020 at 7:30PM

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38 West Street
PO19 1RP

Tel: 01243 783185

Dr Matt L.Tompkins

What's the talk about?

Join Chichester Skeptics in the Pub at 19.30 on Tuesday 17th March to hear from Dr. Matt L. Tompkins on ‘Genuine Fake Miracles: The Science of Magic and Illusion’.

Is seeing believing? Is believing seeing? How can we hope to conduct experiments on things that only exist within our minds? This talk will feature a mixture of historical storytelling and magical scientific demonstrations to explore how scientists, past and present, have approached the study of illusion.

Matt will discuss how magic played a weird but fundamental role in the establishment of psychology as a scientific discipline, and how he and other contemporary researchers have been using magic tricks to create new experiments in order to investigate human memory, perception, and reasoning.

Dr. Matt L. Tompkins is a magician and experimental psychologist. He recently completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford, and he is the first member of the Magic Circle to have been admitted on the basis of a scientific publication. His new book ‘The Spectacle of Illusion’ explores the relationships between scientific researchers, magicians, and fraudulent mystics.

All are welcome — we look forward to an engaging and informative evening. Entry is £5.