:A Journey Through Your Pencil Case

James Ward

Tuesday, July 7 2015 at 7:30PM

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James Ward

What's the talk about?

James's calling in life is to find the fascinating in the seemingly mundane. His latest accomplishment in that effort is to wrtie a brilliantly witty and insightful best-selling book on stationery! Conscious of the overstatement, but nevertheless, James believes stationery is responsbile for human civilisation. Giving the means of transmitting accumulated knowledge, stationery was the catalyst for catapulting us out of the swamps and into the office!

Packed with fascinating tales about maverick people, accidental world-changing inventions and monumental designs, James's book "Adventures in Stationery" can probably be described as the world's leading tome on stationery. Come and hear his great talk and see for yourself the intrigue and interest that lies behind the unnoticeable items in your desk tidy.